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In Greece, the sun and light have been worshiped since the beginning of time.
Greek mythology is brimming with the brilliance and radiance of the sun, the moon, and the stars.
Within the light lies the power of life itself.
A myth tells that once, at the beginning of the World, the “Cosmic Egg” was born from the Night.
From it sprang Phanes, the Primordial. The Primordial light, the Golden Dragon, shaped the Worlds and gave birth to the stars.

This Light unites all things, becoming the god Eros who unites Heaven and Earth.
This Light heals, becoming the god Apollo and the Sun.
This Light soothes, becoming the goddesses Artemis and the Moon.
This Light beautifies life, becoming Aphrodite.

Discover LUMINOUS WELLNESS & EXPERIENCES and embrace your inner Light.
Our therapies are inspired by the myths of the Gods of Light, Healing, and Love.
We have combined all these elements to offer you an absolutely Bright and Radiant experience, a LUMINOUS EXPERIENCE!
Trust us and embark on a journey with us into the Light of Well-being and Relaxation.






Signature treatments


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Luminous Wellness & Experiences is a brand new wellness area in the center of Thessaloniki, overlooking the castle of Ano Polis.
Put yourself in the hands of our experienced therapists and enjoy a rejuvenating experience that renews body and spirit.
Inspired by the ancient Greek philosophy of balance and well-being, our treatments combine tradition with modern techniques to offer
a complete wellness experience

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Lina Davies
Adina Taylor
Dina Gale

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