In ancient Greece, there were hundreds of healing sanctuaries where priest-physicians utilized their knowledge of herbs, minerals, and oils, drawing upon the divine light of the gods. Over the years, they accumulated vast wisdom about the human body and its functions. They mastered special massage techniques, understood the sacred plants, and harnessed the therapeutic properties of water, mud, the power of gold and metals in their treatments. They comprehended the power of music and harmony in healing both the body and the soul. The most famous of these healing sanctuaries was the Asclepius Sanctuary in Epidaurus, dedicated to Asclepius, the great god of healing and the son of Apollo, the god of Medicine.

Hippocrates, the “father of modern medicine,” was a descendant of the priest-physicians of Asclepius. His grandfather and father served as priests in the Asclepius Sanctuary on the island of Kos, believing their lineage was traced back to Asclepius himself. Hippocrates gathered inscriptions of patients from the sanctuary over decades, creating the first medical historical archive of the time. Combined with his own experience and visionary insight, he laid the foundations of modern medicine.

The most prominent physician in the Roman world was Galen, a faithful follower of Asclepius from the Pergamon sanctuary. He traveled and taught throughout the Roman Empire and later returned to Rome, where he served as a private physician to emperors. Galen systematized medical practice based on the heritage of Hippocrates.

At Luminous Wellness, we draw upon this ancient knowledge from healing sanctuaries. Our unique “signature” offerings aim to connect you with the ancient wisdom of care and well-being. We want you to experience, with the eyes of your soul, a glimpse of the healing light of Greece and its myths.

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