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“Hear me, O revered goddess, with many names. You are the savior of feminine beings, the only one who loves children so much. A helper to people in their sorrows, the guardian of homes, welcoming, caring, and beloved by all. You bring joy, relief, and help in dire needs. You are Eileithyia, who eases the pains of childbirth, for only you are called to aid the relief of the soul.”

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Goddess Eileithyia is one of the oldest names of the Great Mother. She is the goddess of fertility. Devotees turned to her for assistance in bearing children. She helped people become fertile, with rich ideas and abundant harvests. She ensured a safe and prosperous pregnancy, a secure childbirth. She was present at the birth of most gods. She accepts every child and determines their fate.





You will choose this treatment whenever you feel the need to alleviate a great need or problem, seeking a solution. You will select this therapy for protection and resolving issues within your family and home. When you want to become more fertile and creative or give birth to a new idea.

It’s suitable for women looking to conceive to relieve stress and for pregnant women to relax and alleviate tension.

Special gentle massage techniques are applied to the entire body, providing relief, relaxation, and improved blood and lymphatic circulation.

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