The website (here referred to as the “Website”) belongs to the company named LUMINUS SPA. (here referred to as the “Company”), headquartered in 23, Aristotelous Str., Thessaloniki, zip code 54623, email:, tel.: 2316 023657, Tax Office: E’ Thessaloniki, aiming at wholesale and retail trade.

Please carefully read the following Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website (Terms of Use), the Privacy Policy, and the Cookie Policy before taking any action, interaction, access, and use of the website. Accessing, browsing, and using the Website and the provided services imply the unconditional acceptance, by visitors/users, registered or not, of the website, its terms of use and operation (hereinafter “Terms”), which govern the use of this electronic store and the websites it contains, binding all visitors/users. In case of disagreement of the User with any of the terms, they must discontinue and avoid browsing the Website. The use of the Website’s content is therefore subject to the unconditional acceptance of: a) the Terms of Use, b) the Privacy Policy, and c) the Cookie Policy.


  1. General Terms of Use


1.1 These terms govern the use of the Website and its services by the visitor/user (hereinafter, the User), as well as the processing of any personal data of the visitors. The User is invited to carefully read and accept these terms. In case of disagreement of the User with any of the terms, they must discontinue and avoid browsing the Website and notify its administrator accordingly.


1.2 The Terms applicable to the User also apply to any other term found within the Website, such as: ordering methods, payment methods, product shipment, return policy, right of withdrawal, which users/visitors unreservedly accept. The unconditional acceptance of the Terms binds the consumer, according to Article 2 parag. 3 Law 2251/1994 (Consumer Protection Law).


1.3 The “Company” reserves the unilateral right, without notice, to revise, modify, or revoke the Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the Cookie Policy. Posting it on the Website is sufficient to bring into force any new Term, or modification, or revocation of an existing Term. The “Company” reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the operation of the Website and/or the provided services, at any time and without notice, subject to the rights derived by users and third parties from the law or from a contract with the “Company”.


1.4 All Terms are essential. Any violation of the Terms by the visitor/user, in any way, entails the penalties of the prevailing legislation and the obligation of the user to indemnify any damage caused to the “Company” or third parties, resulting from illegal and non-compliance behavior with the Terms. In case of violation of the Terms, the “Company” may prohibit the user’s access to the Website and the services it offers, delete their account and the information provided by the user, without any warning, and exercise all rights provided by law.


1.5 The non-exercise of the rights of the “Company” arising from these Terms does not imply a waiver of those rights, nor does it result in the silent abolition of any Term. The “Company” is not responsible for any breach of the Terms due to force majeure reasons.


1.6 Users/visitors are obliged to respect and comply with the laws of the Greek State, and of European or International Law, applicable to the use of the Website, and to exercise their rights within the limits of good faith, transactional, and user ethics, not to obstruct third-party use and not to engage in acts or omissions that may cause damage or malfunction to it, or affect or jeopardize the provision of services by the Website.


1.7 The “Company” declares that it is not responsible for any damage to the contractor or third party caused by the illegal behavior of the contractor or third party, provided that it fulfills its own obligations. The services of the Website are exclusively addressed to adults. It is prohibited for minors to use it or to enter into transactions.


1.8 The Website attempts to maintain and ensure the availability of the website and its content. Despite these efforts, the availability of this website depends on various factors, such as, but not limited to, the technical equipment of users, the number of users trying to connect simultaneously to this website or the internet, etc. The Website is also entitled to maintain the website, even if this results in the unavoidable temporary interruption of its operation.


1.9 The “Company” reserves the right, at any time and without prior notice, to change the nature and content of the Website, as well as to temporarily or permanently suspend or terminate its operation. It may also be interrupted, suspended, or obstructed for reasons beyond its control or will. The Website makes every effort to ensure the accuracy, completeness, validity, and clarity of the information and content in general, but does not guarantee or be responsible, against users/visitors, for the security and content of the website, nor does it guarantee that the use by users/visitors of the website, information, elements, or materials included in its content, do not infringe the rights of third parties.


  1. Responsibility – Security


2.1 The content of the Website is provided “as is.” Every possible effort is made for the security and validity of the content. However, the Company is not bound, nor does it guarantee, nor does it assume any liability regarding the content and security of the Website. The User accepts that they use the posted content and the offered services at their own risk. Users/visitors who do not trust the “Company” are invited not to visit or use the Website.


2.2 Users/visitors are encouraged to use antivirus software or other protective software and elements. The “Company” declares that it carefully controls the level of security of its services in the electronic environment, using programs against virus spreading and malicious software. However, it is recommended that users/visitors, during their navigation on the Website, use protective software, as the “Company” bears absolutely no responsibility for any damage or harm, or infection by electronic viruses or other malicious programs, on the electronic computer or other electronic medium and generally device, in the programs and data of the user/visitor of our services, during access and use of the Website, nor is it responsible for damage related to the inability to execute, error, omission, interruption, defect, delay in operation or transmission, or system line drop, etc.


2.3 It is explicitly prohibited for visitors/users of the Website to interfere with the form, function, services, content, databases, and any element of the Website, using any mechanism, malicious or non-malicious software, electronic or not procedure, sending unwanted or harmful files such as, for example, unwanted messages (spam), viruses, malicious applications (malware), etc., capable of affecting, damaging, suspending, interrupting, and, generally, obstructing the smooth operation thereof. The “Company” reserves the right to seek redress for damages that may be caused to it by illegal behaviors, such as those mentioned above by way of example, as well as to prosecute the responsible party criminally.


2.4 The “Company” is exempt from liability for the content that third parties may publish on the Website, as long as it complies with the obligations of care and control provided by law.


2.5 For transactions made through the Website using a credit card, it is expressly clarified that the legal holder of the credit card will be objectively liable. The “Company” is not obliged to know the truth of the information provided by the user and considers the provider personally responsible for it. Therefore, in the contract with the “Company,” the use by the contracting party’s chosen payment method, which involves payment of the order via a credit card and the subsequent provision of the details of the legal cardholder, binds the legal cardholder, regardless of the person using the credit card and providing the requested information, thus implying the consent of the legal cardholder, as permissible and lawful charging of the card with the price of the sale. Any illegal or unauthorized use of a credit card does not release the legal cardholder from the obligations arising from the contract with the “Company” or from any claims by the “Company” for compensation for illegal acts or omissions of the credit card user, as the directly contracted party with the “Company” acted unlawfully or without their consent.


2.6 The Website and the “Company” are not liable for side effects and damages resulting from the use of ordered products, whether due to the user’s incorrect product selection, careless or improper use of the products, or the manufacturer’s liability, defects in manufacturing, inadequate information, or instructions accompanying the products, manufacturing quality, material safety, and actual defects. The liability of the “Company” in the case of a defective product is limited to the obligation to replace it, provided that the conditions of the product return law are met and the terms of the “Company’s” return policy are followed.


2.7 The Website is not responsible for shortages in product availability due to reasons beyond its control (including, but not limited to, force majeure, supplier inability or strikes, illegal behavior by third parties, and, in general, reasons not attributable to the “Company’s” liability).


2.8 The Website is not responsible for any temporary or permanent inability to provide its services and for delays in accepting and executing orders and delivering ordered products, due to reasons not attributable to its liability, including, but not limited to, force majeure, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, emergencies, strikes, malfunctions of cooperating courier companies, accidental deterioration or destruction of products after they have been dispatched and before delivery to the user, illegal intervention by the contracting party or a third party, malfunction of the Payment Processing Provider (Bank) or the Host Provider or the Internet Service Provider or the Access Provider or the user’s terminal equipment, incorrect provision of information by the user, and, generally, for any incident hindering the smooth fulfillment of its contractual obligations. The liability of the “Company” is limited to the obligations assumed towards the consumer by the contract and it will make every possible effort to fulfill them within a reasonable timeframe.


2.9 The Website is not responsible for the poor condition of delivered products if it is not due to inadequate storage by the “Company” and if all the preventive measures it should have taken were taken.


2.10 The information and advice provided on health, prevention, nutrition, beauty, and aesthetics issues are offered solely for informational purposes and in no case replace or substitute medical advice, consultations, diagnoses, and prescriptions from healthcare professionals, medical bodies, and diagnostic centers, which the user of the Website must seek and follow for addressing any health problems and everyday concerns. The advice and information provided by the Website in response to user queries are provided with the reservation of the accuracy, completeness, and truthfulness of the information provided by the user regarding the issue at hand, the characteristics of which (information) the Website is not able, nor obligated, to verify. In case of provision of false, inaccurate, and/or incomplete information by the user, the “Company” is relieved of liability for the accuracy of the advice provided and for any damage to the user from information or advice unsuitable for their needs.


2.11 The “Company” is relieved of any liability for any damage to the user, legal or contractual obligation against the user, and any direct or incidental claim by the user or third party, provided that the user violates the Terms of Use and Operation of this website, provides false, inaccurate, and/or incomplete information and data, engages in illegal behavior within the scope of their navigation on the Website, violates the rules of user conduct, whether legal or customary, fails to fulfill their legal and/or contractual obligations, by acts or omissions. The user explicitly accepts and acknowledges the exoneration, as stated above, of the “Company” and accepts that they bear full responsibility for their actions and the resulting obligations to compensate the affected parties.


2.12 This online store provides the content (e.g., information, names, photos, illustrations, etc.), products, and services available through this website “as is,” without any express or implied warranty in any way.


2.13 The “Company” is not able, nor obligated, to examine the validity, truthfulness, completeness, and accuracy of the information provided by users, personal and non-personal, on the website of the online store. The “Company” does not make any corrections or interventions in the data and information provided by the user to the “Company” in any way without the prior notification and consent of the user. Additionally, the “Company” does not guarantee that the content of the Website and the quality of the services provided through it will meet the needs, requirements, and expectations of users/visitors. Any direct, consequential, incidental, indirect, or punitive damages arising from access to this website, or its use, do not create liability for the Website, its staff, employees, or associates of the Website or the “Company.”


2.14 The Website bears no responsibility whatsoever for any legal (civil or criminal) claims, nor for any damages (positive, specific, or incidental, which may indicatively and not restrictively include loss of profits, data, missed profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.), arising for users/visitors of this website, or for third parties, due to a cause related to the operation or non-operation and/or use of the website, or in the inability to provide services and/or information available through it, and/or from any unauthorized interventions by third parties in products and/or services and/or information provided through it.


  1. Shipping and Return Policy


3.1 The dispatch of products sold through the Website will be carried out within 30 days from the order placement.


3.2 Right of Withdrawal. The withdrawal is the right according to which the consumer has a period of 14 calendar days to return the purchased product, for any reason, even without cause, and to request replacement or refund. This deadline applies in all member states of the European Union, and if the consumer has not been previously informed of this right, then this deadline is extended to 12 months.


3.3 The Company is obliged to inform the user/visitor, before completing the purchase, about: a). the main characteristics of the product, b). the total value of the products/goods, including VAT, or any other charge, c). other additional financial burdens (shipping costs, delivery, postage).


3.4 For reasons exclusively related to the production of the provided products, the product photos should be considered indicative, as there may be minor deviations regarding color, seams, and other minor details of the dispatched products. However, these minor differences will not affect or be related to the quality of the products sold and dispatched to the respective buyer.


3.5 It is also explicitly emphasized and clarified that the provided products do not fully protect against the coronavirus or other viruses and risks, but contribute to human protection. The degree of protection varies depending on their use and compliance with the appropriate safety rules and protocols.

3.6 Once the purchase is completed and the user/visitor pays the agreed amount, the company is obliged to deliver the agreed product within a reasonable time, i.e., no later than 30 days from the date of order. In case of unjustified delay, the user/visitor may terminate the contract, thereby obliging the company to refund the money received.


3.7 The user/visitor who wishes to return a product may contact the Company via the Company’s email:


3.8 In case of product return due to the Company’s mistake, the money will be refunded within fourteen (14) calendar days from the moment the Company receives the returned products.


  1. User Behavior and Obligations


4.1 The User accepts and acknowledges all intellectual property rights belonging to or that may belong to the Company (except for specific third-party rights) regarding the form and content of the Website, which are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek, European, and international law. Indicatively, these rights concern trademarks, distinctive marks, photographs, texts, announcements, registered or unregistered. The user/visitor is obliged to comply with all relevant Greek, European, and International laws and regulations, including, but not limited to, laws concerning the protection of intellectual property, personal data protection, competition protection, etc. Additionally, the user/visitor must use this website and the services offered through it in a manner consistent with good morals and these Terms.

Therefore, the entire content of the website (indicatively and not limited to: texts, graphics, photographs, digital recordings, programs, news, information, data, illustrations, trademarks, distinctive marks, names, logos, product names, company names, etc.), constitutes the subject of intellectual property exclusively owned by the “Company” or its content providers and is governed by the applicable national, community, and international provisions on Intellectual Property and unfair competition. In any case, the display and exhibition of the above on this website should not be construed in any way as a transfer or assignment of an express or implied license or right to use them.


4.2 The User undertakes not to infringe these rights in any way, as the use, copying, storage, reproduction, republication, transmission, issuance, downloading, storage, translation, and modification of all or part of the content of the Website and the services offered therein for commercial or other purposes, in whole or in part, without the prior express written consent of the “Company,” is expressly prohibited. The “Company” reserves all rights against anyone for any lawful and/or contractual right, in addition to those explicitly mentioned in this paragraph.


4.3 The User undertakes to make lawful and proper use of the Website, in compliance with Greek and European legislation.


4.4 The User acknowledges the international nature of the Internet and undertakes to observe proper behavior (netiquette), and the use of practices and methods that contradict this code is expressly prohibited. In cases where the User is given the opportunity to publish or send to the Company any information, audiovisual material, text, link to another website, or any other file readable/executable by a computer or other electronic device, the content is the sole responsibility of the User who sent/published it. It is reminded that for each publication/sending, it is necessary to have the right to transmit the content either under the current legislation or under any legal contractual relationship of the user. In any case, the content of the above-mentioned elements is prohibited: a) to be illegal, offensive, vulgar, pornographic, threatening, defamatory, disturbing, harmful to minors, or expressing national, racial, or other discriminations. b) To violate intellectual or other property rights of third parties, including trademarks and trade secrets, as well as patents. c) To contain any virus, malware, pop-up advertisement, and unwanted mass correspondence (spam) that could cause temporary or permanent damage/dysfunction to any hardware or software component of an electronic computer or other electronic devices or delays, interventions, and interruptions in the operation of servers or any telecommunications network. d) To contain false information about the User’s identity or to impersonate any person (natural or legal). e) To contain false, inaccurate, or deliberately incomplete information about the identity, capacity, personal data, and purpose of the visit of the User concerned.


4.5 The User undertakes not to use the Website to perform actions that may result in criminal prosecution or initiate any civil or administrative proceedings against the Company for acts, which are indicatively referred to in the Penal Code, special criminal laws, legislation on personal data protection, telecommunications legislation, the European Convention on Human Rights as well as the relevant legislation of the European Union, the National Telecommunications Commission, the Data Protection Authority, and any other Public or Administrative Authority and Service, as well as for actions that could infringe any right or other legitimate interest of the Company or a third party.


4.6 In case of illegal or contrary use of the terms of use of the Website, the User is obliged to compensate the Company for any damage caused by such use and to immediately cease the offense. The Company reserves the right to exercise any other lawful right. The user agrees not to use this website, the website’s correspondence, order and user registration forms, discussion areas, or any other means of expression through this website or website accounts, for the publication of content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, offensive, annoying, defamatory, slanderous, obscene, indecent, blasphemous, libelous, violates the privacy of third parties, shows hostility or expresses racial, national or other discrimination, may cause harm to minors in any way, may not be transmitted in accordance with the law or contractual or managerial relationships (such as internal information, proprietary and confidential information acquired or disclosed as part of employment relationships or covered by confidentiality agreements), or that infringes intellectual property rights, or other proprietary rights of third parties.

Every user/visitor of the Website is also obliged not to engage in acts or omissions that may harm or disrupt its operation and third-party access to it, or endanger the provision of the services offered by the Website. The use of the website in an illegal or contrary manner to these Terms imposes an obligation on the Website and the Company to compensate for any positive or negative damage caused by such behavior. Also, every user/visitor is obliged not to provide false information about themselves, not to engage in impersonation of any other person, not to send unsolicited or bulk correspondence, nor multiple copies of messages, and not to collect information about other users/visitors of the website without their consent, including financial data and email addresses.


4.7 The non-compliance of any user/visitor of this website with applicable law and/or these Terms entitles the Website to take necessary measures and to take any necessary action to address such behavior. Thus, in such cases, it is entitled, indicatively, to prohibit access to services provided through this website or to delete, process, or move messages, respecting the principle of proportionality.


4.8 In the event that any third party takes legal action against the Company or the administrators of the Website for an offense to any lawful interest, falling within the scope of the liability of the User as defined in the text of the Terms of Use, the Company reserves the right to counterclaim against the User. Along with any claims of the third party, the Company reserves the right to seek compensation from the User for the breach of the Terms of Use and for any legal consequences arising therefrom.


4.9 Statements and notifications addressed to the “Company” by visitors and users of the Website, other than those required for the completion of contracts with our online communications store, are sent compulsorily by registered mail to the headquarters of the “Company”. Corresponding statements to the user by the “Company” will be made through any appropriate means.

Any expenses or compensation that the “Company” may be required to pay due to a breach by a user/visitor of the Website of their obligations arising from these Terms shall be borne by the respective user/visitor, who is obliged to pay them to the Website immediately and without the latter having to resort to legal action.


  1. Registration – Newsletter


5.1 User registration is not required for browsing the Website.


5.2 If desired, the User can subscribe to the Company’s newsletter by providing their email address. By sharing this address with the Company, the User agrees to the Company contacting them for promotional and advertising purposes. The Company undertakes not to disclose this address to third parties.


5.3 The User has the option to unsubscribe from the Company’s newsletter at any time by notifying the Company. Upon such notification, the User’s email address is deleted from all of the company’s files within 5 working days.


  1. Personal Data Protection


6.1 Processing of personal data includes any action related to the collection, recording, organization, storage or retention, modification, extraction, use, transmission, dissemination or any other form of provision, correlation or combination, connection, restriction, erasure or destruction of personal data (hereinafter, “Processing”).


6.2 For the processing of User’s personal data, the Company acts as the Data Controller, and this processing is carried out in accordance with the current Greek legislation. The Company declares that it fully complies with the provisions of applicable Greek law (European Regulation 679/2016 and current Greek legislation).


6.3 The Company processes the information provided by the User through the Website, either by registering for the Company’s Newsletter, filling out the Contact Form, or submitting a resume. This information includes, but is not limited to, the User’s full name, email address, phone number, age, gender, tax identification number (ΑΦΜ), competent Tax Office, as well as any other personal data resulting from their resume.


6.4 If the User disagrees with the use of their information for the promotion and advertising of the Company’s services, they can indicate so when filling out the aforementioned contact forms.


6.5 The information submitted by users/visitors of this website to through it is considered non-confidential information and does not constitute the proprietary asset of said user/visitor. The Website may collect limited and necessary information for its commercial activities in accordance with Article 6(1) subparagraph f of the General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016. It is noted that due to the nature of the website, the collection and processing of personal data are necessary to enable the delivery of products to the address and person of each user/customer. This information is not disclosed to third parties nor used for any other purpose.


6.6 The “Company” may keep and process a file of personal data voluntarily entered by users/visitors on the Website, always in accordance with the applicable provisions regarding the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data and under the use of security procedures. Users/visitors of the website acknowledge and accept the keeping and processing of their personal data for the purposes for which they submit them to the “Company.” In any case, each subject of the aforementioned personal data retains against the “Company” all their rights under the current legislative framework regarding their personal data. Therefore, the customer, addressing the Website in writing, has the right to full information about their personal data held by it, the right to object to and correct them, the right to data portability, as well as the right to withdraw their consent for the processing of personal data concerning them, at any time, in accordance with the current legislation.


6.7 The “Company” declares, and customers/users accept, that the personal data collected from the Website concerning customers/users will be used for managing their request, i.e., for supporting, promoting, and executing the transactional relationship, better serving them in the future, informing them about related products to those they have already purchased, as well as informing them about future offers and advertising actions of the Website. The recipient of this data is exclusively the Website within the framework of the transaction, as well as any natural or legal person to whom, based on the current legislation, the Website is obliged or entitled to disclose the data, based on the customer/user’s consent, law, or court decision.


6.8 The Website declares that, during the period of keeping of the aforementioned data/personal data, it will use them lawfully, taking the necessary security measures and ensuring their confidentiality, deleting this data from its files, in accordance with the current legislation. The Website takes all appropriate measures for the security of the privacy of the user/customer’s communications and transmitted information and data, in accordance with the current legislation. However, the Website does not guarantee the security of data transmitted over networks to the extent that their protection is not achieved by taking appropriate security measures imposed by the legislation and any direct, indirect, positive, negative, material, or non-material damage that the user may suffer from their access to the internet.


6.9 Users/visitors are responsible for any registration of third-party personal data on the Website without relevant authorization/consent, as well as for the submission of false, untrue, or inaccurate information and data.


6.10 In cases where access to individual pages or services of the Website requires the use of a username and password or/and further details (e.g., E-mail, Name, Surname, Landline, Mobile, Age, Address, etc.), the user/visitor declares and accepts that they are solely responsible for their use or any leakage thereof by themselves or third parties. They also declare and accept that the above data are true, accurate, and valid and that they are solely responsible for any action taken with their use, as well as that they undertake the responsibility to promptly inform the “Company” of any unauthorized use thereof and any violation or leakage.


6.11 For any differences that may arise between customers or between customers and third parties and are due to messages, data, elements, or information circulated through the Website, the latter declares that the lifting of the customer’s telecommunications privacy is permitted only to the extent that the website is called upon to fulfill its obligations in accordance with the prevailing legislation. It is expressly agreed that the above terms are governed by Greek Law, the decisions of the established state bodies that apply to electronic communications transactions, as well as the relevant provisions in force at any given time.


6.12 According to Directive 2013/11/EU, which was transposed into Greek law with Ministerial Decision 70330/2015, the possibility of electronic resolution of consumer disputes through the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) procedure is now provided for throughout the European Union. If the customer is a consumer (i.e., a natural person acting outside their professional capacity) and has any issues with a purchase made from our website, they may initiate the ADR process through the single European platform for online dispute resolution (ODR platform) available at the following web address:

6.13 The “Company” is not liable for any damage or loss caused by the unauthorized or illegal use of the above information and reserves the right to seek compensation from the user in case it suffers any kind of damage from the unauthorized or illegal use thereof, as well as to refuse the allocation of a password or to cancel an allocated password or to terminate the provision of these services to the user in case of violation of these terms of use. If the user/visitor voluntarily discloses personal or sensitive data through this website directly to third parties, it is up to the user to investigate the data protection terms of those third parties. The user/visitor acknowledges that the Website has absolutely no liability for such disclosures and for any subsequent use of such data by other persons. Similarly, the “Company” bears absolutely no liability for any disclosure by users/visitors of this website of personal and/or sensitive data of third parties through the website, without the prior consent of the data subject concerned.


Users/visitors should be aware that sending confidential information via email is not the most secure means of communication, as it always carries the risk of the information being read by third parties.


  1. Data acquired through the use of cookies


7.1 The Website uses small files called cookies to help us customize your experience. Cookies are small text files containing information sent by the Website management software and stored on the hard drive of the user’s computer or on the storage space of the user’s mobile device. The sending of cookies occurs when you visit the Website. This information may include the type of server each user uses, the type of computer, the operating system, internet service providers, and other similar information.


7.2 Cookies do not cause any damage to the user’s computer or mobile device, nor to the files stored on them, and they do not gain access to any document or file on the user’s computer. Cookies cannot reveal the user’s identity but may be used to recognize their computer.


7.3 Cookies are typically classified into session cookies (functional cookies) and permanent cookies. Session cookies do not remain on the user’s computer after they exit the website or the browsing program. Permanent cookies are those that remain on the user’s computer to allow the Website to recognize them and facilitate their navigation. Permanent cookies can be deleted by the user themselves.


7.4 The use of cookies is technically necessary for the complete execution of the User’s connection to the Website. For this reason, before browsing the Website, the User is required to accept the storage of cookie files on their computer, according to Article 5(3) of Directive 2002/58/EC, as transposed into Greek law.


7.5 The Company may utilize cookies for various purposes, including: (a) Conducting research for statistical purposes and/or for improving the content and services of the Website and estimating its effectiveness, as well as for instantaneously recording public opinion trends. (b) For marketing purposes to measure the effectiveness of advertisements on our Website, how visitors use it, as well as for displaying ads related to the Company’s website on other websites based on the user’s previous visits to it. (c) Ability to present and operate advertising messages (banners). (d) Social media cookies.


7.6 The Company may use web beacons (also known as transparent GIF files, pixels, or action tags, web bugs). These technologies are codes that provide a small graphic image on a website or in an email. Web beacons can identify certain types of information on your computer, such as cookies, the date and time a page was viewed, and a description of the page containing the web beacon. In general, any file that was part of a website can function as a web beacon. Web beacons are used for evaluating user experience and preferences, as well as for statistical recording. Third parties may also use web beacons on the Website to obtain control, research, and reporting information or to understand user interests and customize ads accordingly.


7.7 Some of the third-party partners of the Website may use Flash cookies, otherwise known as Locally Shared Objects (LSOs). Flash cookies are used to identify user interests through the articles they consult and, more generally, to monitor user behavior. LSOs maintain data collections such as cookies, stored in a directory on a user’s computer, and are installed through Adobe Flash Player video playback software.


7.8 Customer Data of the Company


7.8.1 The Company processes the personal data of its customers for the purposes required by the execution of the contract and agreement between them.


7.8.2 The User provides their consent, explicitly agrees, and unreservedly accepts any processing action that the Company may undertake in the context of providing its Services to the User, including but not limited to representing the User and intervening in relevant procedures with public and tax authorities to ensure and serve the financial, accounting, tax, and other related needs of the User.


7.8.3 The User’s personal data is retained throughout the duration of the contract with the Company and for three (3) years after its termination, unless a longer period is provided for by current tax legislation. You may request the deletion of your personal data in a shorter period, which we will comply with if permissible.


7.9 User Consent


7.9.1 The User of the Website and its services is obliged to carefully read the Terms of Use, and in case of disagreement, must refrain from it initially and inform the company Luminous Experience


7.9.2 By accepting the Terms of Use and by voluntarily providing the required personal data, the User provides their consent, explicitly agrees, and unreservedly accepts the processing of their personal data, which is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use.


7.9.3 The User has the right to withdraw their consent for data processing at any time. However, such withdrawal will not affect the legality of processing based on their consent before withdrawal, nor the further processing of the same data, which is conducted under another legal basis, such as contract fulfillment or the need to comply with a legal obligation to which the Company is subject.


7.10 Purpose of Processing


7.10.1 Each processing of personal data carried out by the Company takes place for legitimate and lawful purposes related to the provision of the Services chosen by the User.


7.10.2 The User expressly states and accepts that the personal data they enter and disclose to the Company, which is collected and processed by it, is relevant, appropriate, and no more than what is required for the aforementioned processing purposes.


7.10.3 The User’s personal data is used exclusively either to serve their own financial and tax needs, for internal use by the Company, or on behalf of the Independent Authority for Public Revenue (ΑΑΔΕ) if properly requested and obligated to do so. The data is also used to promote the Company’s services. For example, User email addresses are used to send newsletters about the Company’s services, as well as to communicate with its customers via social media channels.


7.10.4 The Company undertakes not to use the User’s personal data for purposes other than those mentioned herein without prior notification and, where required, their approval.


7.11 Right to Information, Access, and Objection


7.11.1 The User retains the rights provided by Articles 15-22 of European Regulation 2016/679.


7.11.2 Specifically, the User retains the right to be informed about processing, to access personal data concerning them that have been or are being processed, and to object to the processing of data concerning them, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 15-22 of European Regulation 679/2016, as well as current Greek legislation. Regarding objections, they may specifically request correction, temporary non-use, restriction, transmission or not, or even deletion of their personal data.


  1. Hyperlinks


With the help of appropriate links within the Website, users are provided with the ability to access third-party websites. The placement of these links is solely intended to facilitate the user’s navigation on the internet. It does not constitute an indication of acceptance or approval of the content of the websites linked through hyperlinks. Each respective link leads to a different website, the browsing of which is subject to the terms of use of that website. The “Company” is not responsible in any case for the content/services of other websites, whose “hyperlinks” or advertisements are posted on the Website, does not guarantee their availability, and is not liable for any damage that may be caused by their use, as the visitor/user accesses them solely at their own risk. Finally, the Company bears absolutely no responsibility for the content and the management policy of personal data of the website referenced with a hyperlink and invites the User to carefully review the Terms of Use, the Data Protection Policy, and the Cookie Policy of the websites visited through provided hyperlinks.


  1. Modification of Terms of Use


The Company reserves the right to modify this text in writing and without justification at any time. Therefore, it is recommended that the User periodically check the content of these terms and, if they continue to use the Website and its services, accept the modified Terms of Use. Otherwise, they should refrain from using the services and inform the Company accordingly. In the event of total or partial invalidity or unenforceability of individual terms, the validity of the rest of the terms is not affected.


  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction


10.1 These Terms of Use, as well as any dispute or claim arising from or in relation to them and any dispute that arises from the use of this website or concerns these Terms, are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Greek Law. If any provision is deemed void or unenforceable by the competent Greek court, it ceases to be valid, without affecting the validity of the remaining Terms. Any failure by the Company to exercise a specific right or term arising from these Terms does not constitute a waiver thereof. It is expressly agreed, consented, and mutually accepted that the Courts of Thessaloniki shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute or claim that may arise between the Company and the User, and is governed by these Terms.


10.2 However, it is worth noting that the Company’s ongoing goal is to resolve any disputes arising from the use or interpretation and application of these terms of use amicably and extrajudicially. For this reason, if you, as a user/member, identify any problematic legal or ethical element, information, or issue on the website, please inform the website administrator immediately at or by phone at 2316023657.


10.3 Furthermore, you retain the right to file a written complaint with the competent supervisory authority regarding the protection of personal data, namely the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (1-3 Kifisias Ave., 11523, Athens, tel. 210 6475600, email:

Customer Service


Terms of Use


Welcome to our online store. By using our website, you automatically agree to the following terms, which you should read carefully. These terms of use apply only to transactions carried out exclusively through the website BUSINESS PAGE (e.g., www.) of the individual company under the trade name CHOUTOURI PARTENA, ARISTOTELOUS 23, THESSALONIKI 54623, VAT 044749866.


Any software available for download from this server is the intellectual property of The use of such documents from this server is restricted solely for informational and non-commercial purposes or is strictly personal and shall not be copied, redistributed on any computer network, or distributed by any other means of communication. There is absolutely no intervention in the documents. Any other use is strictly prohibited by law and may result in strict civil and criminal penalties. Violators will be prosecuted. does not in any way warrant that the information contained in the documents and announcements published on this server is suitable for any purpose. Under no circumstances, including negligence, shall be liable for any form of damage you may incur from the services, choices, and contents of that you use at your own initiative. The contents of are provided “as is” without any warranty express or implied in any way. To the maximum extent permitted by law, disclaims all warranties expressed or implied, including but not limited to those implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. does not guarantee that the pages, services, choices, and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors, and that errors will be corrected. Also, it does not guarantee that it or any other related website or servers through which they are made available to you do not contain “viruses” or other harmful components. does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or availability of the content of pages, services, options, or their results. You assume the cost of any necessary corrections or services, and in no event will do so. You are free to use this website in accordance with the Law and good practices. The responsibility for the contents of the transactions belongs exclusively to you. does not make any kind of correction or intervention in the data you transfer. We ask you to correctly fill in the following fields (name, address, message) on the online contact forms. The use of the online store is subject to Greek and international laws, and you agree not to use our site to violate these laws.

By using, you agree and undertake not to use the online store for sending, publishing, emailing, or transmitting in any other way any content that is illegal for any reason, causes illegal offense and damage to or any third party, violates the confidentiality or privacy of any person’s information, violates provisions regarding the protection of personal data, violates good morals, violates intellectual or industrial property rights, is confidential or proprietary, or contrary to private agreements or legal provisions. You also agree not to transmit any material containing software viruses or any other codes, files, or programs designed to interrupt, damage, destroy, or equip any software or computer hardware. Additionally, by using, you accept and consent that all members, partners, employees, management, shareholders, trustees, and other associates of are not liable for any damage caused by third parties using Any use contrary to the above, apart from criminal or civil penalties, also entails the interruption of the provided services without any notification.


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Current Law


The site has been created and is controlled by PARTHENA CHOUTOURI, ARISTOTELOUS 23, THESSALONIKI 54623, VAT 044749866, in Greece, and Greek Legislation will govern the use of this website and its interpretation. If you choose to access this website from another country, you are responsible for following the laws of that country. The above terms constitute the complete agreement with, which has the right to make modifications to the content of the website and to the above terms without any prior notice.

Delivery – Charges


For the delivery of our products, we use the ELTA COURIER company.


For orders over 50 euros, shipping is free.


Price List


Shipments for all of Greece


Shipments up to 2 kg




Cash on delivery service



Delivery within 1 to 3 working days


The above prices include VAT.


Business Days: Monday to Friday excluding holidays (national and local).


Payments – Charges

You can pay for your order at GadgetHouse Shop using the following methods:


Cash on delivery


Bank deposit or bank transfer to one of the following accounts:



Account Number: 5215-061548-682

IBAN: GR 67 0172 2150 0052 1506 1548 682



Account Number: 700-00-2320-005553

IBAN: GR95 0140 7000 7000 0232 0005 553



Account Number: 21040570661

IBAN: GR 88 0110 2100 0000 2104 0570 661



Account Number: 0026.0470.22.0200021351

IBAN: GR03 0260 4700 0002 2020 0021 351


You can proceed with payment to our company’s bank account, using the order number as the payment reference.

Shipping Terms sends its products using the Elta Courier service throughout Greece, following the delivery times specified by the above courier service.

The shipping cost nationwide is €2.60 for shipments up to 2 kg.

The order will be prepared within the next working day, provided that the product you ordered is available in stock.

Ownership of the product is transferred upon full payment, while the risk is transferred upon delivery. Additional information may be requested or required to verify your purchase. Therefore, in order to avoid any delays, we urge you to place your order using at least one active and confirmed email address and a landline telephone number (work or home) so that we can contact you at any time.

Shipping costs depend on the total weight of the products you choose and the place of delivery. The delivery times mentioned on the website are indicative and may be subject to change. will make every possible effort to dispatch your products within the working days specified as delivery time for each product on the website or upon order confirmation. Please note that a 24-hour delay is to be expected in the delivery of the order, as for security reasons, all orders paid by credit or debit card are subject to verification by cannot be held responsible for the consequences arising from delayed delivery or loss of your parcel by the carrier.

In case the parcel is not received within the specified deadlines, initially, conducts an investigation with the carrier, which may take up to a maximum of 15 days. During this period, no compensation or reshipment will take place. After the expiry of the 15-day deadline without any action, the order is canceled. In the event that you have paid by credit or debit card, you will be refunded within a maximum of 15 days from the expiry of the aforementioned deadline. The method of refund will be determined through personal communication with you via email or by phone, after the necessary verification of the details has been completed. In any case, the cancellation of the order as described above cannot establish any liability of


Return Policy




The customer is obliged to check the products upon receipt to ensure that they correspond to his original order so that he can ensure that the product meets his order. (Otherwise, it is considered that the product is not in the same condition in which it was delivered and the return is not accepted). If he decides to change a product, he informs us immediately by email at or by phone at 2310452711, informing us whether he wishes to change it or replace the product with a new one from our website. The details he must provide, in addition to his name, are the order number and the product code he wants to change.

A prerequisite for the return of any product is its accompaniment with the original purchase receipt. If the product is not accompanied by the purchase receipt, the exchange cannot be accepted under any circumstances.


For products to be accepted for replacement, they must:

  • the product must be intact.
  • it must not be used
  • the accompanying packaging must not be missing or modified, which is part of the product.
  • all accessories, any gifts, accompanying products, and materials must be included.

All our products are covered by a warranty with their purchase receipt from the official service of their respective dealership.


For electronic products, the warranty does not apply in case:

  • Damage caused because the user does not use or maintain the device according to the user manual.
  • Damage caused by water, falls, or careless storage.
  • Damage caused by repair or modification of the device’s operation by an unauthorized store.
  • Damage caused by accidents of force majeure, voltage drop or difference, improper battery charging.


If the product has lost its value due to improper handling beyond the simple examination of functionality and characteristics of the product, you must restore the reduction in its value with financial compensation. In this case, the amount to be refunded to you will be reduced by the specific financial compensation. In any such case, you will be informed before the completion of the refund and money return process.

The shipment of the product must be made within 14 calendar days from the date of receipt. The return is done through the buyer’s means. If the return is made through a carrier, then the cost of return is borne by the buyer. In any case, the return must be made within 14 calendar days from the day of withdrawal (whether you return it yourself or send it with a carrier). If the return is approved, we will refund you the full price you paid for the specific purchase, in the same way you paid for it.


The return shipping address is: Roi Polychoros, PARADISE STREET, G. SOURI 4, KALAMARIA 55134, VAT number 044749866.


If there is a price difference in the new product, the payment can be made in two ways:

  • Cash on delivery upon delivery
  • Bank deposit: (see “Payment Methods”)


In the second case, to proceed with the shipment, the customer must send the payment receipt via email to If the customer is still not satisfied, they have the right to purchase anything they desire at any other time within 2 months from the original purchase date (excluding periods of offers and special discounts), after consultation with


DEFECTIVE PRODUCT RETURN POLICY is obliged to package all products in the best possible way to reach their destination without damage. In the event that the customer receives a product that has suffered serious damage to its packaging and has affected the product with damages, then it is considered defective and must be replaced.

A product with a proven and visible manufacturing defect is also considered defective. Products that are damaged due to use and wear and tear after one month from their purchase are not considered defective. If the rules are not followed, bears no responsibility.

If any of the above problems are identified, the customer must contact us immediately by email at or by phone at 2310452711, and is obliged to replace the defective product with a new one if available or with another one chosen by the customer.

Please note that, in case of disagreement regarding the defect, has the right to return the products to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to clarify whether the defect is manufacturing or not. This, of course, requires some time, up to 10 business days. Nevertheless, will try to serve and inform the customer about the progress of the process as soon as possible.

The shipping and charging process is the same as described above in article 1 (return and exchange policy).


Payment Methods & Terms


Welcome to the Online Store of the multipurpose space “Roee” of the individual company under the name “HOUTOURI PARTHENA”, 4 G. SOURI, KALAMARIA 55134, TAX ID 044749866.


By entering this website on your behalf and using the services of the online store, it is unquestionably deemed that you consent to and unreservedly accept the present terms, without any exception. If you do not agree with these terms, you must refrain from using the online store and from any transaction with it. Sending your order implies acceptance of this Agreement and all its terms. For this reason, please read them carefully. It is also noted that the use or purchase of any other services provided by the Online Store are subject to these general terms, unless expressly stated otherwise.


Product Information


The photos depicting the products are indicative and cannot in any case be binding for Furthermore, regarding the characteristics and descriptions of the products coming from our partners or suppliers, disclaims any liability regarding the accuracy of their content.


Product Type


The characteristics of the products for sale are available and you can find them by following the search instructions provided on the website and selecting the name of the respective product.




The prices mentioned on the website are in euros and include all taxes except for shipping costs. Shipping costs are borne by the Customer and are displayed during the ordering process, while they are invoiced at the end of the order in addition to the price of the selected products. reserves the right to modify the prices of its products on the website at any time. However, it is committed to applying the prices stated on the website at the time of your order.




Please note that we process your order according to our available stock, and the availability of the products mentioned is indicative and not binding. In case any of our products is not available in our stock, we undertake to contact you via email within 2 working days from the date of the order, informing you of the deadline within which the product can be delivered to you or the possible complete lack of the specific product.


Payments offers you the following payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery (amount in euros)
  • via bank deposit to a bank account (Beneficiary Houtouri Parthena)

          IBAN: GR 67 0172 2150 0052 1506 1548 682


          IBAN: GR03 0260 4700 0002 2020 0021 351


          IBAN: GR 88 0110 2100 0000 2104 0570 661


          IBAN: GR95 0140 7000 7000 0232 0005 553


Send us a copy of the bank payment order by email to As soon as we receive the copy, we will dispatch your order. If you use web banking, you can deposit the amount and send us the deposit receipt by email. Choose the bank you prefer above (by clicking on each bank) and you will be directed to the corresponding page (web banking) of your bank.


Transaction Security is committed to ensuring the security and integrity of the data it collects regarding the users of its website, and for this reason, it takes necessary measures to protect the personal data that you users provide in any way. These procedures protect user data from any unauthorized access or disclosure, loss, or misuse, and alteration or destruction.


Order Cancellation has a mechanism for canceling an already registered order (completely or partially). For any cancellation of an order (completely or partially), you must send an email to This option is available to you, provided that the emails are received by us within 1 working day at the latest until 18:00 at the latest until the moment we inform you about the dispatch of your order.


Product Returns


The customer is required, upon receipt of the products, to check if they correspond to his/her initial order. If the product is a spare part, the check must be done without it being used in a vehicle. (otherwise, it is considered that the product is not in the same condition as it was delivered to you, and the return is not accepted). If he/she decides to change a product, he/she must inform us immediately by email at or by phone at 2310452711, informing us of the reason for the return. A necessary condition for the return of any product is its accompanying original purchase receipt. If the product is not accompanied by the purchase receipt, the return cannot be accepted under any circumstances. To be accepted for replacement, the products must: not be used and/or damaged, not have been washed, modified, or suffered any kind of damage. No label should be removed, and no packaging should be missing or modified, which is part of the product. For this reason, no labels or packaging tapes should be attached to it. The product must be returned within 14 working days from the date of receipt. The return shipping costs are charged to the customer, except in the case of a defective product or the dispatch of the wrong product. The return shipping address is: Roee Multipurpose Space, Houtouri Parthena, 4 G. SOURI, KALAMARIA 55134, TAX ID 044749866.


Here is the translation of the provided text into English:


“Once the customer has chosen the new product they want us to send them and has informed us about it, and provided that it is available and the product is of equal or greater value than their original purchase, we send the new product to the address provided to us during registration, within 14 working days.


If there is a difference in the price of the new product, the payment is made in two ways:

  • cash on delivery upon delivery
  • by deposit to the bank account: (ANY ACCOUNT THE COMPANY HAS)
  • NATIONAL BANK, IBAN, Beneficiary:

In the second case, for the shipment to be made, the customer must send the proof of payment by email to


– Refunds are only accepted in the case of a defective product for which there is no possibility of replacement.


Return Policy for Defective Products. packages all products in the best possible way to reach their destination without damage. If the customer receives a product that has suffered serious damage to its packaging and has affected the product with damage, then they should contact us to discuss its return.


A product is considered defective if it has a proven and visible manufacturing error. Products that are damaged due to use and wear and tear after one month from their purchase are not considered defective.


Please note that, in case of disagreement about the defect, has the right to return the products to the manufacturer for inspection, in order to clarify whether the defect is manufacturing or not. This, of course, requires some time, up to 10-15 working days. However, will try to serve and inform the customer about the progress of the process as soon as possible.


Force Majeure is not responsible for delays in execution (including delivery) due to cases that cannot be attributed to the fault of or are due to force majeure and will be entitled to an extension of the time for execution. Indicative examples may include strikes, terrorist acts, war, problems of suppliers / transportation / production, fluctuations in exchange rates, government or legislative acts, and natural disasters. If such incidents last more than 2 months, this Agreement may be terminated by any contracting party without compensation.


Privacy Policy


By using this you agree to this privacy policy.


To provide our services, we collect some personal data. These data are:

  • Browsing information, such as your electronic address (IP), for the security of our systems and to be able to offer our services to you
  • In case of booking or registration on the website, your name and email address so that bookings can be registered in your name, and so that we can send you emails such as booking and payment confirmations, as well as for informational purposes.


Legal basis for processing personal data


The legal basis for processing personal data is consent when visiting our website.

Data retention time


Personal data concerning visitors to our Website or users of our electronic services are collected and retained for the absolutely necessary time and then deleted.

From now on, our website will be referred to as “our website”, “our Website”, and other types of this word.




When browsing this website as mentioned above, user identification data may be collected using cookies. The use of cookies facilitates our website to store information about the user’s visit, secure search, calculate the number of visitors, or facilitate registration for our services. You can delete cookies if you choose. For more information, see here: You can delete all cookies already on your computer, as well as set most browsers not to allow the installation of cookies. However, if you choose to delete or disable certain cookies, the operation of our website may be affected.


Data security


To protect the personal data of users and visitors of our Website, we use secure connection and data security measures to prevent the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, and disclosure of your personal information.


Your rights


Regarding the protection of personal data concerning you, you have the following rights:

  1. a) the right of access, i.e., the right to be informed if personal data concerning you are processed,
  2. b) the right to rectification, i.e., the right to request the correction of inaccurate personal data,
  3. c) the right to erasure, i.e., the right to request the deletion of personal data concerning you,
  4. d) the right to restriction of processing when the accuracy of the data is disputed, it is unlawful, or for other reasons,
  5. e) the right to data portability, i.e., the right to request to receive your data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format, as well as to transmit this data to another data controller, and
  6. f) the right to object to the processing of your personal data, unless there are compelling and legitimate reasons for the processing that override your interests, rights, and freedoms.


To exercise your rights, you can send us an email at:


Right to lodge a complaint


According to Regulation No. 679/2016, you have the right, if you believe that your rights regarding the protection of your personal data are being violated, to lodge a complaint with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, which is based in Athens (1-3 Kifisias Ave, Postal Code 115 23), and can be contacted by phone at 2106475600 and fax at 2106475628, or via email at